Cannalonga: Frecagnola Fier

Fiera Della Frecagnola


Frecagnola Fair in Cannalonga (SA) from 6 to 10 September 2017.

Cannalonga (SA)

Fiera Della Frecagnola - Cannalonga

The Frecagnola Fair is an event and tradition that is renewed each year, in the days preceding the second Sunday of September, an event that is repeated from the 15th century - 
according to historian Pietro Ebner in his "History of a Feudo of the noon". It is much more than a common trade fair: it represents the rediscovery and enhancement of cultural 
and historical resources as well as an opportunity for sustainable economic development for craftsmen, breeders and producers. During its tour, itinerant Cilento folklore groups, 
ethnic and folk music performances, pictorial and photographic exhibitions alternate in the ancient village with moments of cultural reflection on history, customs, traditions and local customs.

It was 1459 when an important fair began in Cannalonga, one of the most characteristic of Cilento. Frecagnola, so it was called, its symbol was a goat.
Today, the goat continues to reign as a sovereign, queen of the party, dressing elegantly on his crown on the five evenings of the feast.
The queen of the Cilentan festivities today stands for the colors of a world event such as the EXPO embracing an era of historical grandeur from the Middle Ages to the present, 
preserving its authenticity, tradition and sovereignty.

The undisputed protagonist will be the goat's boil, the plate of excellence of the Frecagnola Fair.